3 Fantastic Facts About Card Games

Today we invite you to discover some rather original stories revolving around card games in casinos. Unusual and fantastic facts that may surprise you. We’ll start with a story that proves that money and card games don’t mix with religion, that even great champions cheat sometimes, that some big wins can trigger weird reactions from winners, that some are ready. to all the stratagems to grab money and finally… that it is always necessary to look carefully at the cards which make up a flop on a poker table because it is not always enough to consume only alcohol to see double. So here are 3 Really Fantastic and Unusual Stories about Casino Card Games.

Buddhist monk loses 263,000 euros in blackjack offerings

The case dates back to 2013, with a 38-year-old Buddhist monk, who was then appearing in court for having stolen $ 263,000 from his community… for playing blackjack! Khang Nguyen Le, therefore appeared before a federal judge for embezzlement, fraud and various other charges after having embezzled nearly $ 270,000 to satisfy his visceral passion for blackjack. Then president of the Association of Vietnamese Buddhists of Southwest Louisiana (United States) at the time of the facts, he was in charge of the association’s 3 bank accounts. He then risked taking a few tens of thousands of dollars from these same books, when they were entirely made up of offerings from the faithful. Khan Nguyen Le went to a Louisiana casino every two days to satisfy his vice by squandering nearly $ 10,000 per session. He will declare during his arrest that he intended to return the money and never intended to steal it. His losses, estimated at $ 13,000 per month between January 2013 and August 2014, therefore amounted to a nice nest egg of $ 263,000.

Famous poker player accused of blackjack cheating

The facts go back to 2013 and it is still around the card game of blackjack that we gravitate for this second fantastic little story. Famous poker player Archie Karas has been charged with cheating blackjack. While he is known worldwide for his talent at poker and for his many huge winnings at this card game, with a fortune exceeding 40 million dollars, Archie Karas has been accused of cheating and fraud at the casino by the California authorities. . This player was suspected of having marked cards at a blackjack table. He was spotted by surveillance cameras at the Barona Resort and Casino in Lakeside where he was indeed seen marking the cards with tiny dye spots in order to help him identify the cards in the game and not go past the 21 !

A Rain of Banknotes in Uruguay

In 2014, a client of the Luxury Casino in Punta del Esta went wild and went completely mad after winning $ 30,000 in a poker tournament. The man suddenly stood up from his gaming table and started tossing tickets from the balcony of the Moby Dick bar, just to make the crowd who had been lucky enough to be there and an employee very happy. who managed to collect $ 5,000 on his own. All his money had evaporated a few hours later. It should be noted that the evening champion wanted to light his cigars with $ 100 bills and that in the end, this generous and a little crazy hero had become so broke that he had to borrow a little change to take a taxi. and go home with empty pockets!

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